Maintenance Calories Calculator: Everything You Need to Know About

    Everything You Need to Know About Maintenance Calories Calculator

    Calories are the units of energy. Wikipedia and Science define it as “ the amount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius at a pressure of one atmosphere.” Maintenance calorie is the total amount of calories that your body requires on a daily basis to maintain your body weight, without any loss or gain in fat or body muscle tissues. You can easily measure it using a Maintenance Calories Calculator.

    On average, the human body requires a substantial amount of energy every day to function and maintain body weights.

    The food eaten is used by the body to repair damaged tissues, store fat and glycogen, create new cells constantly and for the basic movement of the body.

    About Maintenance Calories Calculator

    Maintenance calorie intake is the stage where your current calorie intake does not cause a gain or loss of weight, in order words, the energy you are using up is being replenished continuously using the food you intake, which is high in calories. Maintenance calories calculators show the results of the number of calories your body has burnt.

    Although it is commonly perceived that calories are burnt only when you indulged in a workout, it is not true. The number of calories your body needs depends not only on the strenuous activity your body does during the day, but also on the basic movements. Also, it include things like walking, sitting, writing, and moving your hands.

    At the gym, one loses around 200-300 calories at a stretch, while the expenditure of calories through regular activities are much more.

    Factoring affecting Maintenance Calories

    There are primarily three variables which constitute how you burn calories during a single day. They are the BMR, NEAT and exercise.

    Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR)

    It is what your bodies burn at rest. Even if you were lying down all day, your body organs would need energy the necessary functions to keep you alive, and this is what constitutes the BMR.

    Your heart requires energy to pump blood, your lungs require energy to breathe, your brain to think and stomach requires energy to digest the food. Hence, the energy requirement of your body is high and constant.

    Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)

    As the term suggests, NEAT is the energy that an individual spends on everything, which is not exercises.

    Two persons with the same habits in food, exercise, and work, can have different NEAT because their energy requirement is different.


    Exercising is the workout in which you indulge in beyond the normal regular activities. Sports, cardio, running, weight lifting, fall under the category of exercises.

    These three variables together make up the Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). TDEE is also sometimes referred to as maintenance calories.

    Calorie maintenance level is important, as if there is a low-calorie maintenance level, it will lead to stored calories being burnt, resulting in losing essential fat.

    When the calorie level is maintained, the same weight is maintained. And when the maintenance level is high, then calories will store up, leading to well-built muscles.

    Hence, to lose weight, you need to have a low maintenance calories level. To keep the same weight, you need to burn all the calories that you’re gaining. But to build muscles, you need to have high-calorie intake, that exceeds your expenditure.

    To regulate your body weight as per your liking, you need to know your maintenance calories level. You can easily calculate this using the maintenance calories calculator.

    Dependency of TDEE

    Different people have different calorie requirements. The maintenance calories calculator works keeping in mind parameters which are specific to an individual and his lifestyle.

    The factors include –

    • Gender
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Age
    • Activity Level
    • BMR, NEAT
    • Thermic effect of food.

    Two persons of the same age, weight, height, and gender can have different results as calculated by the maintenance calories calculator, due to the difference in any of the other factors.

    Maintenance calories calculator always starts with calculating your BMR. BMR calculations need data of your age, height, weight, and gender.

    After finding your BMR using a BMR calculator, available on several websites online, to calculate the maintenance calories level, you have to take into consideration your activity levels, which are usually multipliers.

    Multiply your BMR value with the numbers which suit you.

    • For sedentary activity level, which means little to no exercises, it is 1.2.
    • For Light exercise, that is 1-3 days of exercise per week, and the multiplier is 1.35.
    • Moderate exercise, like 4-5 days of exercise per week, the multiplication factor is 1.5.
    • For intense exercise, 6-7 days of exercise per week, it is 1.6.
    • Lastly for Hard exercise, like a marathon or twice daily training sessions, it is 1.75.

    Other online Maintenance calories calculators do all the calculations for you, wherein the activities slot you need to enter your BMR, based on the following options:

    • Sedentary, for 15 minutes of regular work.
    • Lightly active, for 1-2 hours of weights or cardio per week.
    • Moderately active, for 3-5 hours of weight or cardio for a week.
    • Very active, for 6-7 hours of weights of cardio per week.
    • Extremely active, for more than 7 hours of weights and cardio per week. Cardio includes walking, running, aerobics, swimming, etc.

    Final Words

    Depending on your result from maintenance calories calculator, you can know how many calories does your body burns. Also, it will determine how many calories you should intake and include those macro-nutrients in your diet.

    On an average, women need 200 calories per day, and men need 1800 calories per day.
    Maintenance calorie calculators are an efficient way to keep tracks of your calorie intakes and use and build your body likewise.

    However, you should do calculations on the maintenance calories calculator over a period, like a week apart. People use Maintenance Calories Calculator over an average period. Daily calculations will not show any changes in values, but a significant time gap will help you decide. So, we hope that this article is enough you need to do to lose weight or gain.


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